That’s actually a hacked line from the Sci-fi classic "Bladerunner" but it’s a good description of what I try to do with a lot of the films I make. You might not imagine it’s something you can do in Corporate films but in a lot of cases you can.

The best way to engage someone in a film is to appeal to some of their core instincts like humour, pride or even sadness. This can lead to a lasting impression or even (I hesitate to use the phrase) better "brand alignment" 

I regularly get comments back from clients like:

"That actually made me tear up", 

"The video really is fantastic, we even had one of our comms team crying!"

"Wow……. now we’ve finished crying I can reply!"

Now I’m not suggesting that an interview with your IT Director about the implementation of your new Linux servers can get this sort of response, but there are plenty of ways you can make a film about your Company that does.

Do you have a brand film? Brand films are not just for large Companies, even the smallest business can have a film that is designed to sum up what you do.

Do you have an engaged workforce? Interviews with employees about what they do and what makes them proud to be part of the business. This is a great way to illustrate your core values.

Do you have any great customer stories? Often a well told case study can work well, especially if your product or service does something to help of change people’s lives.

Every film should tell a good story whether it be a 30 second commercial, 5 minute infographic or 7 hour epic tale from Middle Earth and if you start with that idea, chances are you end up with something that people actually enjoy watching.