We supply high quality video content production, training and support for internal video production and help with video marketing strategies

Create & Shoot

Two decades of making films for a huge range of businesses gives our team great insight into how to make the most effective film for you.


Post Production

The work doesn't end when the shoot is finished, we realise the importance of great editing, sound design and picture grading.



When you have your film you need people to see it. Our extensive experience with online video can help you get your video seen.

Everything is a story


No matter what film you want to make or what message you want to get across it should still be structured as a story with a beginning, middle and an end. Since early man started to tell stories our brains have been conditioned to respond to this basic concept. We approach every project with this in mind to help you get your message across in the most engaging way possible.



4K is nothing new for us


We have always adopted the cutting edge of new camera technology. We started working in HD long before it was adopted by Broadcasters. We can now shoot in 4K using the latest Sony Cameras which gives you 3 times the image resolution of HD. Not only does that improve picture quality it gives us many more options in post-production to tell your story. All our cameras are owned by us giving us better availability and reliability.


The right tools for the job


We understand the changing face of video production today, diminishing budgets and increased need for a video presence on the internet means it can be difficult to keep the quality of productions up.

We can keep costs down and quality up because we have all the equipment and skills "in-house". This includes high end digital cinema cameras and lenses, Steadicam, specialised lenses and cameras, as well as full post-production facilities including high end cinema quality picture grading.Whilst it's possible to make films using smartphones



A new way to look at things


We can also use our fully CAA Licensed UAV/Drone to create amazing shots for your film.


Making videos doesn't end with the final edit


One of the reasons we started Symphony Digital Media was to offer a creative service that starts with your idea and ends with us helping you to get your video seen online. Steve Connor has been involved with online video even before the birth of YouTube. He now has a YouTube channel with nearly 10 million views and 10,000 subscribers. We can help with delivery formats, keyword optimisation all the way up to setting up and running your online video channel for you.


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