Your YouTube Channel isn't getting enough views!


That's if you have one (there's a surprising amount of businesses that don't)

If you have a YouTube channel, you've probably noticed that's it's VERY difficult to get a reasonable amount of views, I've certainly noticed this on my channel. One of the biggest problems is the sheer amount of video being uploaded to the site, some claim that there is up to 300 HOURS of video being uploaded EVERY MINUTE! so naturally that's going to make your channel a very small fish in a vastly expanding ocean so how do you give your videos the best chance to be seen?

Well it's not all bad news, there are more uploads but there are also more views, MerchDope claim up to 5 billion videos are being watched every day, for many people, especially in the younger demographic, YouTube has replaced network television so your potential customers are definitely still out there, it's up to you to give them the best chance of finding your content? Here's just a few thoughts.

Firstly you can actually tell people you have videos, make sure any content you upload is part of a marketing strategy, even if just involves spreading the word via your social media accounts. Just uploading a video without this will probably not get many views at all.

Secondly make sure you add a full description and as many keywords as you can. The ideal place for your video is in the "up next" column, this gets you a lot of views from people that are theoretically interested in whatever your videos are about. This is where description and keywords really work for you.

Thirdly make your content INTERESTING, we live in a world where we are constantly being told to film everything and put it online, whilst people will watch a "Star" vlogger for 20 minutes, they probably won't stay with your 20 minute talking head vlog shot on your iPhone if it's not engaging enough. This is where getting some professional assistance can really help.

My Company, Symphony Digital Media, can help with full video production as well as training and advice for shooting your own content as well as working with you on a full video content strategy. We can even setup, manage and optimise your social video channels for you. I've been working with online video since before the days of YouTube, I've made films for global brands and SMBs and I have my own YouTube channel with over 12million views.

As you've no doubt noticed on social media and on your LinkedIn feed, Video is a powerful tool in any Marketers toolbox but it has to be used correctly to get the absolute best ROI for your investment.

Please feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss how I can help you.